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We offer fast, reliable cell phone & car radio unlocking services. Is your phone locked to one operator ?

Have you forgotten car radio code? We will help you to unlock them from the comfort of your home within few minutes. As far as you can see, our prices are exceptionally compatible and able to beat any competitors’ prices. We provide full support for all our products & services.

Please, spare some time to explore our site & don’t hesitate to contact us, if you have any questions.

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CLARION Radio Code Clarion radio\\

CLARION Radio Code

Clarion radio\'s are normally found in Alfa Romeo, Chrysler, Citroen, Land Rover, Peugeot, Range Rover, Renualt, SAAB and VW. If you\'ve lost your CLARION Radio Code, recovering it can be a hassle.
Trying to track down previous owners in the hope that they may have the code recorded tends to be a time consuming and often futile course of action.
Many CLARION dealers take advantage of the situation by charging an unrealistically high fee to recover the code.

We propose you much cheaper and really fast solution!

Codes For Most CLARION Radios

We can recover radio codes for most CLARION radios with serial numbers consisting of 12 symbols.

  • CHRYSLER Manufactur : PU-9479A, PU-9540, PU-9542B, PU-9545, PU-9549A, PU-9607A, PU-9639.
  • CITROEN Manufactur : PU-1561A XANTIA, PU-1562A XANTIA, PU-2294A(C) CD, PU-2294B(D) CD, PU-2295A CD, PU-2295B(H) CD, PU-2295C CD, PU-2295C CD, PU-2472B(J), PU-9358A, PU-9427A, PU-9428, PU-9479, PU-9594A, PU-9597A, PU-9636A, PU-9666A, PU-9667A.
  • PEUGEOT Manufactur : PU-1559A, PU-1560A, PU-1561A, PU-1570A(B), PU-1587A, PU-1633A, PU-1644A, PU-1646A(B), PU-2184A CD, PU-2294A, PU-2294B(D) CD, PU-2325A CD, PU-2325A(B) CD, PU-2358A(C), PU-2381A(B) CD, PU-2471A CD, PU-2472B, PU-2472C(E), PU-2473A(B), PU-2859A(C), PU-9264A, PU-9317A, PU-9318A, PU-9357A, PU-9359A, PU-9469, PU-9534A, PU-9535A, PU-9536A, PU-9537A, PU-9593A, PU-9594A, PU-9595A, PU-9645A, PU-9662A, PU-9663A, PU-9664A, PU-9665A, PU-9679A RDS, PU-9680A, PU-9833A, PU-9879A, PU-9880A, PU-9970A, PU-9971A, PU-9982A, PU-9983A, PU-9990A, RU-9149A.
  • SAAB Manufactur : PU-2134B CD without display, PU-2135A CD without display, PU-2135B CD without display, PU-1525B without display, PU-2147A CD without display, PU-2147B CD without display, PU-9206C, PU-9312B, EU-691C, PU-9359A, PU-9587, PU-9588, PU-9687B, PU-9715A without display, PU-9716A without display, PU-9717A without display, PU-9903A small panel, PU-9904A small panel .
  • And more others Radio Car RANGE ROVER, RENAULT, VW.

Our system can now produce codes for most later units instantly and our system is continuously being updated with new instant codes.

Recover Your CLARION Radio Code In 3 Simple Steps

If you\'ve lost your CLARION radio code, we can recover it for you for just $3.00. To do this, all you need to do is follow these 3 simple steps:

    1. Find your radio\'s serial number (F.A.Q).
    2. Complete our simple order form.
    3. Wait for us to send you your radio code (in many cases, the code will now be provided instantly upon completion of your order) and then enter it! (F.A.Q)

Place An Order To Recover Your CLARION Radio Code Now.

To order a code, please remove your clarion radio from the vehicle to locate your barcode number, we require this to supply your radio code. Your barcode number will be on the top of yor radio, we require a number similar to *C70000001234* You will only find this barcode on the Clarion models below. (Example : *C70000001234*). Below is an example of a Clarion double Barcode beginning C7000. I can provide the code from the C7000 number. WARNING - Code start CLxxxxxxxxxxxx  NOT SUPPORT!!!!

To supply your radio code we need you to remove your Clarion unit from the vehicle. All Clarion radio codes are 100% guaranteed, they are available instantly.

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CLARION Bar Code :

3.00 USD


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Hans-Joachim [14.01.2015]

alles bestens - hat super geklappt1
blank [14.01.2015]

thx !!! it work's that's what i want......
Schindlegger [29.12.2014]

alana sez2z9e3226146 code
ivan [29.12.2014]

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